Health Care Costs, Utilization and Patterns of Care following Lyme Disease

    FEBRUARY 4, 2015

  • Lyme disease is associated with $2,968 higher total health care costs and 87% more outpatient visits over a 12-month period, and is associated with 4.77 times greater odds of having any PTLDS-related diagnosis, as compared to controls
  • Among those with Lyme disease, having one or more PTLDS-related diagnosis is associated with $3,798 higher total health care costs and 66% more outpatient visits over a 12-month period, relative to those with no PTLDS-related diagnoses.
  • Lyme disease is associated with increased costs above what would be expected for an easy to treat infection.
  • The presence of PTLDS-related diagnoses after treatment is associated with significant health care costs and utilization.

  • Lyme Disease: The Neglected Disease in our own Backyard

    SEPTEMBER 9, 2014

  • Vital need for improved Lyme disease research and education by Schools of Public Health (SPH)
  • Most SPH faculty believe PTLDS severe and chronic, NOT easy to treat
  • 95% of SPH faculty agree Lyme disease is a problem in endemic US regions, but only 16% teach about Lyme disease
  • Education on personal protection, early recognition and diagnosis could substantially reduce long term health impact of Lyme disease

  • Characteristics of Seroconversion and Implications for Diagnosis of Post-treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome: Acute and Convalescent Serology Among a Prospective Cohort of Early Lyme Disease Patients

    JUNE 13, 2014

  • Lack of seroconversion in significant segment of Lyme diseaes patients highlights limitations of using serology alone in identifying early Lyme disease
  • Strategy of repeat antibody testing does not work in patients initiating antibiotic at the time of initial patient evaluation
  • 40% of study patients remained antibody-negative when retested 3-4 weeks later
  • This diagnostic flaw needs to be acknowledged
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Lyme disease makes hundreds of thousands of people sick every year; it is the most commonly reported tick-borne infection in the United States. Children are especially hard-hit by Lyme disease with the highest in incidence among children between the ages of 5 to 14.

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There is an urgent need for research into the complex problem of chronic Lyme disease. Physicians need new tools to identify and treat patients who have persistent symptoms even after antibiotic therapy.

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