Research Mission

The Foundation focuses on the long recognized and newly defined group of individuals with posttreatment Lyme syndrome [1]. The goal is to clearly define and understand the cause of disabling symptoms these patients may suffer and improve their diagnosis, treatment, and health outcomes.

[1] Post-Lyme disease syndrome, post-treatment chronic Lyme disease and chronic Lyme disease are names used by different medical organizations at different times that generally refer to the same group of patients. It should be noted that the use of Post-Lyme disease syndrome by the Foundation does not imply an endorsement by this Foundation of any one exclusive view regarding causation, diagnosis, or treatment.

Current Studies
SLICE Studies

The SLICE studies are a landmark series of studies sponsored by the Lyme Disease Research Foundation. A collaborative initiative with the division of Rheumatology at Johns Hopkins, the studies examine the impact of Lyme disease on the human immune system and on patient health. Read entire article. Note: we are still enrolling patients for the SLICE studies. See requirements to participate.


Abstracts Presented at National Meetings about the Slice Study
Note: These abstracts describe the SLICE Study, a five-year prospective cohort study conducted through Johns Hopkins Green Spring/Johns Hopkins Bayview examining symptom prevalence, risk factors, natural history, and biomarkers associated with the development of persistent symptoms following exposure to Lyme disease.